Ruffle Tee Sewalong | Part One

Having looked to other sewalongs for research I was shocked to see how many made seemingly simple garments stretch across a six week schedule of blog content. Most of which started with guides on how to use a PDF pattern and marking your fabric. Now, the Ruffle Tee is truly a simple make, one which I would hate to drag out for more time than necessary, so my alternative approach is to offer you bite-size sewalongs to match the ease of the patterns. If you’d like help with using your PDF pattern, please refer to the instructions included in your purchase. Let’s get sewing!

Step One

Unravel your Front Flounce (2) and pin across the top edge of the Front Lower Bodice (3), matching your markings and fitting along the armhole edge. Baste.

2019-02-12 07.02.03 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.01.54 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.01.55 1.jpg

Pin your Front Upper Bodice (1) right sides together sandwiching the flounce between the layers. Sew and press.

2019-02-12 07.01.56 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.01.57 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.01.58 1.jpg

Step Two

Repeat the process on the back pieces, remembering to pin the Back Flounce (5) wrong side to right side of the Back Lower Bodice (6) followed by sandwiching between the Back Yoke (4).

2019-02-12 07.02.02 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.02.01 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.02.00 1.jpg


Pin the front and back bodices together at the shoulders and sew.

Step Four

Staystitch your neckline, keeping inside the 1CM seam allowance. This prevents the garment from stretching out of shape ahead of inserting your neckband.

2019-02-12 07.01.59 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.02.08 2.jpg
2019-02-12 07.02.08 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.02.07 1.jpg

Step Five

Now onto the sleeves! Pin your Sleeve Head (7) and the Sleeve Flounce (8) right sides together between the notches. Double notches indicate the back of the garment with a single notch signaling the front. Take care to ensure you match these accordingly and result in a pair of sleeves, not two of the same!

2019-02-12 07.02.06 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.02.04 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.02.12 1.jpg
2019-02-12 07.02.11 2 (1).jpg
Ruffle Tee
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And that’s it for part one, the Ruffle Tee really is that simple! Part two will complete this make with attaching the sleeve, sewing up the sides, finishing the neckline and the hemming.

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