welcome to your fashion file

Here at DPL, we’re very passionate about enjoying the process of creating and learning a-like. As we know all too well sewing is a vortex of knowledge and techniques, so we designed a fashion file.

To get started, download your introduction pages below.

With each DIGITAL PATTERN LIBRARY pattern, you will receive a free collectible print-out included in the bundle. Each print-out will compile towards a comprehensive file of knowledge should you collect them all. Designed to become a visual and written record of your learning and development of sewing skills, processes and pattern cutting methods.

It is advised you purchase an arch-lever file and accompanying poly-pockets to store your collection as it grows. Ensuring you have a designated place to record your skills, new techniques and sewing samples.

What is the purpose of keeping a fashion file?

The actions of keeping a fashion file will enhance and deepen your learning of technical skills as well as provide beginner and advanced sewers a-like with a personal manual to refer to in the future.

What should I keep in my fashion file?

You don’t necessarily need to collect all of the print-outs to create a successful file. You can photograph and document any sewing project you deem useful with annotations. Any personal research you care to carry out will also benefit your file and deepen your knowledge and understanding.

What can I expect to learn from the collectible print-outs?

Our topics range from the basics through to skilled pattern cutting, all broken down into digestible information applicable to any sewing project you may have. Learn how to draft a collar for any neckline or take a lesson from our draping 101 pack. We can’t guarantee which print-out you’ll receive with your purchase but as our database grows so will your fashion file.



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